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About Me...

        I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and moved to the amazing town of Chapel Hill about 25 years ago. I have had no formal training as an artist, but from a love of drawing I became curious about different mediums and began playing with watercolors about 15 years ago. My first paintings were florals in watercolor.  I was amazed how easy it was to paint something pretty. I became curious about oil painting, and once i got my hands on this paint, and felt it move on the canvas...that was it, love at first brushstroke. I'm in awe of the color, richness and durability of this method of painting.  I usually work from a photograph, and will choose to interpret it closely or develop an impression of what the photograph represents for me. I enjoy painting skyscapes, landscapes, animals, flowers and soft impressions of nature, and my paintings and fine art prints have been purchased by people all over the United States...
I believe that the Simple Things, like the scent of honeysuckle, a sip of sweet wine, or the dewey loving eyes of a furry friend,  usually turn out to be the best things of all., and that's what i like to represent through my work...

my work has been featured

in these publications

Fetch Antiques and Interiors, Hillsborough, NC


Classic Treasures,Charlotte, NC


Farvan Gallery, Charlotte, NC


Uptown Nature, Chapel Hill, NC


Coldwell Banker, Hillsborough, NC


Saledelia Restaurant, Durham, NC


Archer Graphics, Chapel Hill, NC


The Good Earth Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC


The Chapel Hill Visitor's Center


      First Place, Panzanella Local Farms Artists Exhibit Carrboro, NC

Each print is printed individually as it is ordered.  I pick up the prints and examine each one carefully for color and to make sure it is a perfect representation of the original painting.  You may see pencil marks on the canvas, that is because with a high quality giclee print you will see every detail, just as if you were looking at an original painting,  pencil marks and all!  Once i decide that your print is perfect, I will wrap it in a special protective paper and take it to Fedex to be shipped to you.  Your print will be insured, so someone will need to be at home to sign for it.  

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