"White Lilies"

giclee print

The original of this painting is a very large 36 x 36 and looks stunning with many types of decor.  The contrast of the white and grays with the dark brown makes it quite a statement piece!

White Lilies Without a Support Frame

will be shipped wrapped in protective paper rolled up and mailed in a shipping tube


40 x 40    $300.00  shipping $35.00


36 x 36     $300.00  shipping $35.00


30 x 30     $240.00  shipping $25.00


20 x 20     $180.00  shipping $25.00

White Lilies With an Inner Support Frame

36 x 36     $540.00  contact me about shipping (size of original painting)


32 x 32      $480.00  contact me about shipping


30 x 30                         contact me about shipping


20 x 20                         contact me about shipping

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